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Cetre Pegues is a multifaceted, award winning director and filmmaker known for his cinematic and emotional visual style. A Washington DC native, he spent years absorbing the raw culture of the city before deciding to leave and further his passion for directing film. Pegues brings a global and multicultural perspective to the screen by incorporating his years of experience spent in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington DC, Tel Aviv, Thailand and Toronto.

His work includes an ample range of short and feature films, music videos, commercials, and more. Pegues has worked with a vast array of clients from small, local entrepreneurs to national broadcast releases.

Working under Spike Lee and Pegues’ close mentor, Darren Grant, provided him the experience and training paramount to take his skill to the next level. Pegues studied under the acclaimed director’s coach, Judith Weston, where he honed the language of the performer, marking him an actor’s director. With his unparalleled education, it was only natural for dynamic narrative to be at the heart of Pegues’ work.

Having years of experience in the industry has only heightened his passion for film and his devotion shows in his character driven stories deeply grounded in the human spirit.


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